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Against a densely imbricated skein of documentary fragments and confessional annotation, Mine advances a sustained, interlocutory investigation into the ulterior etiologies and malignant narcissism of underground pornography.

How dare you cling to the idea that there’s something to be understood.

“Peter Sotos is one of those rare writers who can say, ‘The words I write are me,’ or at least as close as anyone can come to communicating who they are in words.”
—Thomas Ligotti

“We do not find in Sotos the customary delusions about childhood misery and wounded lives. For this latter-day homo sacer, wounds are not to be healed but poked and worried until they bleed. Sotos is literature’s outcast, carrying stigma like a rat carries plague.”
—Mikita Brottman

PLEASE NOTE: This publication deals with subject matter that may not be appropriate for minors or the prudish – purchase at own discretion.

264 Pages
Dimensions: 21.5 x 14 x 1.7cm Printed: USA, 2013
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Weight 349 g
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